Banarasi silk saree – a royal drape that compliments every Indian woman’s wardrobe

Feb 20, 2023 my blog

The changes in the fashion world also failed to weaken the craze of Banarasi silk sarees in Indian women. The lustrous variety and immaculate designs of Banarasi sarees have made them a favorite of the brides. The huge availability of banarasi silk sarees online has made it even easier for customers to buy it from comforts of their home.

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A saree is a one of the most cherished attire in Indian women’s wardrobe. The popularity of this traditional wear can be gauged in a way that without a unique collection of Indian silk sarees,Guest Posting Indian women’s wardrobe is considered incomplete. Sarees are the common attire in India and worn in all sort of occasions and everyday life. But silk sarees are of special kind and these sarees are worn in special occasions like wedding, party, festivals etc. There are varieties of silk sarees produced in different states of India, namely Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Patola, Bandhni, Tussar, Thanchoi, Paithani and many more.


Amongst all types of silk sarees, Banarasi silk sarees are heavily popular Banarasi Salwar Suit and are supreme example of finest craftsmanship. The saree got its name as it is hailed from the Indian holy city Banaras which is now rechristened as Varanasi. A standard Banarasi saree is hand woven in silk with golden thread. The feature that makes Banarasi silk sarees popular all across the world is the silver and golden brocade work. These sarees, usually covered with compact golden or sometimes silver designs, are excessively heavier in comparison with other types of silk sarees. The designs of banarasi silk sarees are very elaborate and hence it might possible that time period to complete one saree may exceed up to or over six months.


Banarasi silk sarees also have four basic varieties, Katan, kora with zari and silk, georgette saree and shattir saree. In earlier times, Banarasi sarees were worn by people from royal families. At that time, these used to be made of original gold and silver threads which make them extra expensive. However, with the passage of time when the usage of simple threads has been initiated in manufacturing silk sarees it also become affordable to the common man. Apart from physical showrooms, one can also search for exquisite banarasi silk sarees online as there are various online stores that offer beautiful and gorgeous silk sarees in affordable price range.


Another famous type of silk saree is Bhagalpuri Silk Saree which is also known as Tussar Silk Saree. Basically, Bhagalpuri Silk is a dying style that comes from Bhagalpur, Bihar. The weavers in the Bhagalpur town weave a special kind of silk named as Bhagalpur silk and the dying technique of these sarees give them a mesmerizing look and appearance. Bhalgalpuri Silk sarees is a favorite piece of silk attire to both modern traditional Indian women as it suits well to both office going women to college going girls. There is a huge availability of extraordinary and amazing Bhagalpuri silk sarees online that is appealing to every woman.